I believe anything and all things are possible. Life experiences have taught me that we are not guaranteed tomorrow, so I try to live my best life each day. 


When I was 10 years old, I was fortunate enough to live in Sri Lanka for two years. That time in Colombo changed my life forever. I witnessed a different way of living than I was exposed to growing up in the United States. These life experiences led me to become an international development professional and a true global citizen of the world. But in 2014, I left my full time job to pursue my dream of starting an ethical fashion label working with female entrepreneurs in Bangladesh. One month after departing from my job, I was faced with an event that almost took my life. I was in a car accident, hit by three cars and an 18-wheeler head on. That moment made me realize the fragility of life, and from then onward I made a choice to live a life full of purpose and intention. 


In 2015, after testing the entrepreneurial lifestyle and working through failures of starting a business, I decided to begin another new chapter of experiences and enlightenment. I sold my house and all of my belongings ready for a fresh start. It was around this time that the idea for Papilia emerged. The concept was borne out of a passion for travel and curiosity; to experience different cultures in a mindful and responsible way. As an avid traveller I spent hours researching cultural nuances and etiquette to ensure I would feel comfortable and confident in any business or leisure setting. This concept has now morphed into a thriving business that offers customized diversity and inclusion, and cross cultural communication training/workshops infused with wellness and self-awareness principles. 


Through all of life’s journey, 2016 proved to be one of the most life altering years thus far. My mother passed away unexpectedly. The value of life, loss, and human interaction was personified once again. I sought to balance my business and personal life while managing a tremendous amount of grief. Through this experience, I found solace in practicing yoga and learning about the principles of mindfulness, and purpose. I became a yoga instructor, yoga life coach, and level two reiki practitioner because I wanted to live an intentional life and I also wanted to find a way to inspire people to be their best self through life’s many challenges. 


My ultimate goal is to live a life full of happiness and to motivate you to thrive in anything you do through mindful intention and awareness. 

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For every purchase, $1/person per session will be donated to Kiva. These funds will be used to provide loans to entrepreneurs around the world. Click on the graphic to find out more, and let us know if you have a cause you would like to support!