16 Items That I Packed + Used In My Hospital Bag

You're ready for your sweet baby to come, but you have no idea what to bring to the hospital, and it's just one more thing that you don't feel like dealing with...sound familiar? I've taken the liberty to list what we brought to the hospital to help you take one more 'TO DO' off your list. First: I recommend taking the hospital tour to familiarize yourself with where you will be delivering your baby. Second: pack for you and your partner since the two of you will be there for at least two days. Third: If you have kids, make arrangements and contingency plans to ensure he/she/they are taken care of. This list is not in an order of priority because all things listed below were needed at some point during my hospital stay.

1. Bring a blanket and pillow for your partner. Chances are he/she will be sleeping on the couch.

2. Pack your favorite non perishable snacks. I made homemade granola ahead of time because it was a craving, but we also brought Goldfish crackers and bars.

3. Magazines and/or books are useful to bring if you need a good distraction.

4. Lavender oil did wonders when I was ready to push. The smell calmed me down, and helped me focus.

5. We brought our portable music player with us to play inspiring tunes.

6. Phone and tablet chargers are a must.

7. I didn't bring my laptop, but I have friends that have brought and used them.

8. Outfits for you: Bring comfortable and loose fitted clothing that you don't care about for your stay at the hospital. I wore my robe or a gown almost the entire time of my stay because I needed the space. You will also need a going home outfit. For summer births I recommend bringing a maternity dress, and for winter births, comfortable sweats. If you plan to nurse, bring a nursing bra. Sandals should also be packed!

9. Outfits for your partner: A shirt with buttons should be packed so your partner can have skin to skin contact with your baby. Pack a daytime outfit, overnight outfit, and sandals as well.

10. Outfits for your new addition: We packed a formal outfit for pictures (we found out a professional photographer would be onsite) and a few onsies for Liam just in case he had accidents.

11. Toiletries: Definitely pack your daily oral hygiene items along with travel sized products to take a shower.

12. Lip Balm: I love lip balm, so I brought my collection with me. Regardless of whether or not you are a fan, you will need a lip moisturizer.

13: Hairbands: You will never be so thankful for those little rubber bands until you realize that your child likes to pull your hair after a few months. :)

14. Have your pediatrician's contact information handy. You will have to schedule an appointment from the hospital. Records from the hospital will also be directly sent to your pediatrician in preparation for your child's first visit.

15. Have your car seat ready to go. It will be a part of the checkout process.

16. Don't forget your wallet!

Note: The hospital usually provides diapers, wipes, swaddle blanket, hat, adult pads, and disposable underwear, and lanolin cream (if you are nursing and your nipples get sore).

Extra note: If you would like to do something nice for your nurses and doctors postpartrum, bring a pen/notepad to capture their contact information. You obviously can capture this information on your phone, but I'm an old fashioned soul.

Lastly, and most importantly, remember that it will all workout for the best even if you forget something. Good luck! :)

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