For The Love of Life

What is stopping you from doing what you love? Do you even know what you love? Do you know what you are afraid of?

I never asked myself these questions until 2010, and now I ask myself these three questions at least once a day.

What is stopping you from doing what you love? Initially, my fear of taking risks and feeling like I had to follow a societal norm stopped me from thinking outside the box. After years of asking myself this question, saving money, and quitting my job to do what I believe in, I’m starting to figure it out. I started to pay attention to what made me happy and what made me a negative person. What made me love life was exploring a variety of cultures; using my five senses to maximize each experience. I’ve never looked back and I am the happiest I have ever been, even if it encompasses ups and downs that are not as colorful as a ferris wheel.

Do you even know what you love? I absolutely love to learn about culture through travel. I love to be creative. I love having a flexible schedule that allows me to work hard and play hard. My business incorporates all these elements, and I’m willing to work hard to inspire people to be themselves and to be curious about the world that surrounds them.


Do you know what you are afraid of? I’m afraid of failure. Intellectually I know it’s the best way to grow, but emotionally I don’t want to fail. I have a mini motivational moment every day. I remind myself that I am doing what I love and the decisions I make are my own. I also remind myself that growth occurs through the nurturing, patience, and cultivation of an idea.


I encourage you to ask yourself these questions; and I would be thrilled to hear your responses.

Do what you love. Life is too short. ​​