A Remarkable Reminder To Live In The Present Moment

It has been a little over two months since my last blog post. I remember writing my last post, feeling so anxious for our unnamed baby boy to arrive. So anxious that I was getting stress hives. AND after being induced...

Liam Carter Hock entered this world at 11:35AM on August 31, 2018 and our lives changed in the most profound way forever.

Liam Carter Hock
Liam: From A Fresh New Baby To Two Months Old

These past two months have been an emotional rollercoaster. To be quite honest, the first month sucked. While we were absolutely in love with our little man, we were exhausted with our new sleep schedules, waking up every two to three hours for feedings. I also experienced the Baby Blues (changing hormone levels) while trying to physically recover from labor. It's not an easy feat to take care of a newborn who is completely dependent on you while trying to take some much needed care for yourself. Separate blog posts will be written to address theses issues because I feel like no one talks about the real stuff that new moms go through but do not want to admit. But this post is about embracing and cherishing the present moment. If I have learned anything these past two months it is to live in the moment.

Everyday I look into Liam's eyes and I cherish that morning smile and laugh. I know he is growing leaps and bounds and I won't have a baby forever, which is why these moments matter so much . These past two months, he has transformed from a 6.11 pound baby to a healthy 12 pounder. His whole face now lights up with a smile when he recognizes his mom and dad; he subsequently laughs, and coos, "aaaahh-ooooouuu". He melts my heart more than I ever thought possible. My perspective on life has changed, and I now understand all the comments my Mom used to make by saying, "You'll understand one day when you have a child." I wish I could tell her what she would have been wanting to hear after 30+ years, "You were right."

Our Little Cookie Monster for Halloween - I Just Had To Post This Picture Twice

His wobbly head isn't so wobbly, and he is developing such a sweet personality that I can't help but to turn into mush. He now recognizes and stares at his newly discovered hands in mesmerizing curiosity. I won't bore you with more details of how he has grown, but you get the point. Words can't express the love I have for this child; I have never felt a love that is so unconditional. This boy has burped and drooled on my face, pooped, peed, and farted on me at some point in time, and all I can do is tell him how much I love him in cheesy baby talk. It's all just so crazy.

I now understand why parents take endless photos of their child like there's no tomorrow. This special time will never take place again, and to capture the moment is like preserving a treasure that would have been forgotten as years pass.

I have a lot more to say, and now that Liam is sleeping about 5 - 6 hours through the night, I plan to post a lot more. (I'll take what I can get; I know that this may not last).

Bottom line regardless of whether you have kids or not:

1. Try to experience life in the present moment. The sensory experience will blow you away.

2. Remind yourself to smile about at least one thing per day.

3. Contact a friend or loved one that you haven't spoken to in a while.

Life is too short and time passes by too fast. Appreciate life's many little blessings. Take a moment to look up at the sky in awe.

Sky Meadows National Park, Virginia
The Fall Sky From Sky Meadows Park, Virginia

As tired as I may be at times, there's nothing like a fresh reminder that life is beautiful despite all the negativity that surrounds us.

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