In Gratitude Today + Everyday

I love the essence of Thanksgiving but every year on Thanksgiving Day I am in awe of all the contradictions that I see.

It's a special day to spend with family and friends and to be thankful for all the many blessings that we have. It's a glorious day mixed with food, wine, relaxation, and football.


Black Friday is a pre-populated event on my i-calendar. I am surrounded by doorbusters, early store openings, and people who can't wait to elbow each other out of the way just to get a good deal on a TV. How many TVs does a person need anyway? How many things do we actually need?

These past few yers, I have witnessed major natural disasters and personal loss. I think about my Mom every Thanksgiving, and how much I miss her food made with so much love.


Despite this mixed bag of feelings I know I have so much to be thankful for today and everyday.

1. I am so incredibly thankful for Liam, a sweet surprise that didn't exist last year. Today, he is a smiling happy 12 week old baby who I can't imagine my life without.

2. I am so thankful for having parents and siblings who have shaped me into the person I am today.

3. I am thankful for a supportive husband who is an awesome partner and Dad.

4. I am thankful for new and old friends who I know I can count on when days get rough.

5. I am thankful for the gift of travel.

6. I am thankful for starting to gain my strength back after giving birth.

I am thankful for so much more, but these are some things that enrich my life everyday, and make me feel like a million bucks.

Life is not easy, but the beauty is in the details. If we could shed negative thoughts to find one thing that we are thankful for each day, wouldn't life improve by leaps and bounds?

Now it's your turn: With all that has happened in your life and in this world, what are you thankful for today and every day? What makes you feel rich?

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