My Yogic Lesson About Letting Go

Be Here Now Yoga Studio, Shiva Room
Capturing A Moment In Time After My Last Regular Class (For Now)

I thrive on my personal pause and reflect moments. I find it so helpful to learn from actions I choose to take, whether they prove to be right or wrong. This particular moment is bittersweet as I enter my third trimester, and take a temporary break from teaching yoga on a regular basis. This post highlights why I made the decision to enroll in teacher training, how I will be taking my yoga teacher training lessons off the mat during my time off from teaching, along with my thoughts about letting go of things we find ourselves getting attached to.


Here's the funny thing - I never envisioned becoming a yoga instructor - I loved yoga, but the thought of teaching in front of other yogis was a little intimidating and something that didn't appeal to me at all. I preferred to sweat it out on the mat than to cue poses. Never say never.

After my Mom passed away, I found myself at a yoga studio at least five times a week. My soul was craving some form of peace, solace, and inner purpose, and yoga did just that for me. I wasn't aiming to contort myself into Instagrammable poses; but the breathing techniques along with the flow took me to a place where I could find some form of inner peace, perseverance, and patience for myself and my circumstances. In a way, I found a whole new meaning to life that I was ready to embrace and take with me in my next chapter. The funny part about all this is how my now-husband Robert was the person who brought the idea of teacher training to my attention. I remember him saying, "You're always at the studio, why don't you think about becoming a teacher?" To which I responded, "Ha. Yeah, that's just not my thing." Time passed, we moved back to DC, and I found a little gem of a studio called Be Here Now Yoga down the street from my house on Capitol Hill.

The studio happened to offer yoga teacher training during a time period where I was actually available. I made excuses in my mind for reasons that would preclude me from attending - the most blaring one was that I was getting married during the timeframe of this training. Yet, the signs miraculously aligned, and the one weekend we had a break happened to be the weekend when we planned to get married. There you go, I had no excuses. It was meant to be, so I signed up. And quite honestly, my life changed in such an enriching way forever. Deciding to enroll into yoga teacher training was one of the best decisions of my life.

Completing my RYT 200 from Be Here Now Yoga Studio in Washington, DC
RYT 200 Graduation Day from Be Here Now Yoga, Washington, DC


After completing training, I was fortunate enough to teach at Be Here Now Yoga on Monday nights at 7:30. I called my yogis 'troopers' because, let's be honest here, attending a class on Monday nights at 7:30 takes serious commitment and dedication. I loved getting to know each person that walked into my class. I did the best I could to bring an awesome flow along with perspective and relaxation.

Teaching my last regular class (for now) was bittersweet. It felt like an emotional end to routine that I relied on for balance on my Mondays. I needed this time for myself as much as my yogis needed the class. This personal milestone is especially different because it represents a major and surreal turning point in my life. When I return, I will be responsible for another human being, and life will be entirely different than I have ever imagined it to be.


Poses, alignment, and anatomy are obviously a part of yoga teacher training, but the spiritual philosophy was especially important for me to incorporate into my daily lifestyle. When I learned about the concept of letting go of worldly attachments as a key to greater happiness and self discovery, it not only blew my mind, but I was intrigued about how to apply this simple yet complex topic into my daily routine.*** I have been making a conscious effort to let go of things that no longer serve me, but it hasn't been easy, especially with heightened pregnancy hormones. In a strange emotional state, I made the conscious choice to integrate this yogic concept and shift my way of thinking; I decided to let go of the attachment I had to teaching and all the emotions associated with this milestone.

Change is the only constant in life, and letting go has helped me make space to appreciate all that I have accomplished this past year, ready to embrace my future that lies ahead. I will not have the same routine as I had pre-baby, but I will adapt to a new routine, and make the most of all the blessings I have in this world.


  • I let myself experience the emotion that I needed to feel, and made the conscious decision to let go

  • I thought about the benefits of holding on versus letting go

  • I asked myself how holding on to this event serves my overall wellbeing

This is just one example of how I choose to live a more mindful and intentional life. I try to make every effort to practice some of these yogic principles off the mat on a daily basis. If any parts of this post resonate with you, I encourage you to try some of my tips above or to download my worksheet on how to find clarity by overcoming your fears.

Always feel free to reach out to me, I would love to hear your stories about how making a conscious decision has affected your life.


*** If you think about it, our attachment to worldly things has the ability to negatively affect our behavior, causing us to get angry, jealous, and stressed.


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