The Beginning of Another New Chapter

I have to admit, I have neglected my personal site for quite a long time. I had a huge vision when I launched it; I wanted people to gain better insight into who I am. I wanted to share what life is like as an entrepreneur, first generation American, a Bengali-American, a traveler passionate about making a sustainable impact upon this world... quite frankly, the list goes on and on. I let so many of life’s adventures pass me by with the intention of capturing moments in words. These past few weeks I made a choice to change my habits, and to try to make a concious effort to express my thoughts, tips, and life lessons through this site. Spring is after all, the best time for new beginnings and a fresh start, right?

I have revamped this site as a space to share life moments that are purely human, and perhaps a little embarrassing, humorous, or vulnerable. We all know we feel all these things but we tend to be reluctant to share them. A little example of this: I am a soon-to-be first time Mom with a baby boy due at the end of August. I am super young at heart and I can’t imagine taking care of a child. Sometimes I feel like a child myself. I am well versed as a career professional. And as a traveler, you bet I can travel the world on a solo mission without blinking twice. But I am traversing unknown territory taking on the role as a mother. I know I will learn to adapt, but right now I am going thorough a lot of changes that have helped me highly empathize with every woman who has been pregnant. …just a little insight into my life’s journey in this present moment, and believe me there is more to come.

My hope is that you will be inspired and encouraged to be yourself and realize that we all go through REAL human emotions. And guess what? It's perfectly normal and okay. The idea of connecting and being yourself may feel more difficult to do so in this digital age, but it is doable.

Final note: I have included a few relevant blogs that were on my previous site, but all content moving forward will be of a more personal nature.

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