Welcome to My Third Trimester

Hello third trimester... In actuality, I have been here for two months now, with less than one month to go! I have been writing all these posts in my head with the intention of sharing them, but alas I have also been working with a hard yet unknown deadline. I was doing my best to maintain the energy of my second trimester but nature has a way of doing its thing...the fatigue has caught up with me once again and I have entered 'nesting' mode.

Sophia in her third trimester at Georgetown Waterfront Park
Third Trimestering It - Georgetown Waterfront Park

I feel like nesting has naturally taken over my schedule because of my non-stealth like movement these days. The sheer weight I'm carrying around doesn't make it easy to move about even if I maintain my prenatal workouts (courtesy of Fit4Mom, and yoga at Be Here Now Yoga which you MUST check out if you are looking for pre or post natal workouts). The weight factor in addition to getting the house ready for the little guy has somewhat taken over my life at this stage even though working is still a personal priority. With so much happening at once, I developed a mini list of observations that I think are cool and NOT cool about this stage in pregnancy.

Things that are cool:

  1. I am very mindful about what my body needs. If I need to take a break and prop my feet up, I do it. I don't let my "I can do this" ego get in the way.

  2. I'm pretty close to being done, to the point where I can say I am 'x' weeks and add on exact days for added accuracy.

  3. People offer their seats to me on the Metro without me having to eye them down for a seat.

  4. I waddle with authority, and people move out of the way in shock sometimes, which cracks me up. (I feel like I waddle like the penguin below)

  5. My shoe size hasn't gone up (yet).

  6. Feeling him kick and punch is a pretty surreal and special experience- sometimes I don't know if I'm feeling his butt or his head, but that's okay. :)

Things that are NOT cool:

  1. I feel so uncomfortable and heavy.

  2. The pressure on my legs and feet are unbearable at times.

  3. My lower back aches.

  4. I kind of feel puffy all over like the Michelin Man.

  5. Bending down isn't fun, ESPECIALLY when I tend to drop things ALL the time now.

  6. When he punches and kicks, he always targets my bladder or ribcage, and it's usually after I've eaten something. The timing is impeccable.

I note all these things for somewhat comical purposes, and for the sake of honesty. These factors are a real part of my pregnancy, and it's not fun. However, I have to say that I realize how super blessed we are to be expecting and that we have a healthy baby. I would endure all this time and again as long as he is okay. I am super thankful more than words can say.

I have also exponentially gained even more respect than I already had for my mom, all the moms out there, and soon to be moms - this journey is not an easy one. It comes with mental and physical sacrifices that are unique to each situation. You are all so amazing, and hopefully you can express and share this amazingness with your loved ones.

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